What is a PerioSmile?

What is a PerioSmile?

A PerioSmile is a healthy vibrant beautiful smile where the teeth are fully visible and the gums are strong and inflammation free. This provides optimal support for your teeth.

When gums cover a significant portion of the teeth it can reduce the beauty of your smile.

When is the right time to get a PerioSmile?

If your teeth appear shortened or small after your Orthodontic care, contact our office for a free consultation.


Before & After

Paula, 17

Paula’s orthodontist did a fantastic job straightening her teeth. However Paula’s Mom was concerned about the “bubbly” gums that were developing.  After our simple procedure of recontouring the gum tissue, Paula loves her smile!

Jamal, 23 

Jamal’s teeth were almost perfect. He was very happy with results of his Orthodontist work.  He contacted us concerning what could be done to improve his condition. We recommended the simple procedure re-contouring the overgrowth back to the original gum line. He loves his smile!

Lisa, 45

Lisa’s beautiful teeth were buried underneath a mass of “Bubbly “ gums. She contacted us and we set up a “FREE CONSULTATION.” We recommended re-contouring of the gum line to create a fantastic smile. She really needed our services. She loves her beautiful PerioSmile! 

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